The Handler - Super Grip
The Handler - Super Grip
The Handler - Super Grip
The Handler - Super Grip
The Handler - Super Grip

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The Handler - Super Grip

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The Handler is a short, 14-inch dog lead made with Super Grip biothane - a soft, studded and ultra-grippy material! The lead is assembled with locked screws, so you never have to worry about popping a rivet. The Handler - Super Grip doubles as an incredible tool for swiping dog hair away from upholstered surfaces. 

The Handler was designed to help users of Lead-All leashes hold the central ring in the proper position with minimal effort and to maintain tight control of your pack. These design features make the Handler an excellent tool to include in your TinyHorse gear kit! We recommend adjusting your Lead-All leashes to their longest length to balance the short length of this lead -- then shorten the Lead-All leashes as you deem necessary.

Unlike other traffic leads, the Handler has an additional premium-quality thumb clip on the lead's handle that allows you to quickly attach your dogs to an object to free your hands. For example, the clip fits onto the metal latch inside the door frame of vehicles or combine this product with the Leader to help manage a second pack (see diagram in product images).

Here's an example how including the Handler in your TinyHorse tool kit can help you introduce puppies into a mature dog pack:

 Read our blog article about the Handler.

 If you are over 6ft tall, you may find this lead too short. If you're looking for a short lead, try the Transport Lead.

The Handler is available in nylon and leather, all of which are handmade at the TinyHorse Workshop!


  • Length: 14 inches 
  • Width: 3/4 inches
  • Origin: Ethically made in Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 with materials made by or sourced by 
  • Warranty & Return Policy.