About Us

Hello and welcome to TinyHorse. We're so glad our paths have crossed in your journey with dogs. 

Drawing of the Lead-All Leash System by Shauna EveTinyHorse was inspired by the lack of leash options for walking multiple dogs despite the significant growth of the professional dog walking industry. I personally felt this shortcoming as a professional dog walker in Toronto, Ontario. After developing chronic pain in my hands and arms from using individual leashes to walk multiple dogs at once, my internet searches for dog walking gear came up short. So, I imagined a system of leashes that reduced the physical and emotional strain of managing a pack of dogs on leash. Myself and my co-founder Sara Weetman designed the first version of the system in our home workshop and I began testing it in the field February 2017 and it immediately drew the attention of fellow dog walkers.

(Sara Weetman has stepped down from TinyHorse since the filming of this video, though she remains an important friend to the company and is still called upon from time to time to help problem solve construction issues — she's super smart and the best!)

We officially launched the Lead-All Leash system in May 2017 and over night our first video posted to Facebook went viral amongst the dog walking community because we were the first company to attend specifically to the industry's needs. Since fall 2019, I've carried on alone to develop a product line of versatile and compatible tools that are used all over the world by professional dog walkers, owners of multiple dogs and even one-dog families!

Our Design Process

Taylor Leedahl wth her pack in Toronto, ONI am committed to bringing novel products to market. My design process is creative and thorough: it draws upon decades of experience in sewing and construction, a university education in the elements of design and a growing knowledge of hardware, materials, and the manufacture of custom parts to achieve product ideas. I design to maximize the purpose of the gear while maintaining simplicity and safety. Prototypes are tested with the pack of dogs I walk in Toronto and by other dogs walkers whose pack dynamics and walking conditions differ from mine. Our products are designed to enable you to respond to the dogs in your care in your own unique way, and you can express your personal style or company brand through our wide selection of materials and colours.

Our Commitments

Taylor taking photos in Barrie, ON during a meet up with Daniel from Tha DogfatherTinyHorse has developed a strong identity in its four years of business. 
We are community-oriented and relish in conversations with customers and dog industry professionals whose depth of experience is not to be overlooked but viewed as a vital resource. We travel to different regions to meet the dog walkers using our gear.
We believe in greening our relationships with dogs and make durable products that are meant to stay in action and out of landfills, and we love tossing in a roll of our TinyHorse-branded compostable poo bags with every order (made in collaboration with SCHOEP in Calgary, AB). We're able to source most of our materials through Ontario-based companies, and the majority of our products are made in and shipped from our workshop in Toronto, ON.
We are also committed to body positivity we offer the option for free custom adjustments to any of our wearable products.
We don't gender our products or celebrate holidays on social media that exclude people or draw upon violent histories. 
Dogs are masters of inclusion and acceptance, and they are loved the world over TinyHorse takes their cue from our beloved dogs!

Our Future

TinyHorse will continue to pay attention to and design for the real-world of dog ownership and professional care. We see a future of an expanded line of products for walking dogs solo and in multiples, and hope to add other products that enhance adventures in dog walking for professionals and dog lovers alike!

If you have any comments our questions, please never hesitate to send us a message!

Happy walking,

Taylor Leedahl

Co-Founder, Owner & Designer

March 6, 2021


Image credits:

1. Patent drawing for Lead-All Leash system by Shauna Eve

2. Image of Taylor Leedahl with her pack of dogs from Bow Wow Walkers by Faye Blais

3. Image of Taylor Leedahl taking photos of Daniel from Tha Dogfather in Barrie, ON. Photo taken by Katelyn Beauchamp of DogHike.ca.