Dog Walker Stories: Pack-Splitting with That Blonde Dog Sitter

We walked with Erin from That Blonde Dogsitter in Oshawa, Ontario and learned about her pack management strategy. Erin does fully-leashed walks on mainly quiet streets in a residential area. Connect with Erin via her Instagram account.

Erin the dog walker stands confidently with a pack of dogs connected to her waist.

Our Take Aways:

1. Erin optimizes space for pack members by never putting more than two dogs on one ring.

2. Erin uses the standard sized leashes and staggers the lengths of leads to increase the circumference of the pack.

3. Erin clips two Handlers into our wearable lead, the Leader, to create control and closeness.

4. The longer portion of the Leader is used to give slack to dogs who prefer to be out in front.

5. Erin accommodates the dog’s natural walking styles and teaches them basic commands like “cross” (for street crossing) and indications that the pack should move left or right.

6. Check out our instagram profile on this dog walker story.