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Industry Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dog care professionals are an integral part of the social fabric that supports people with their canine companionships. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the patterns of several of our clients disrupting the stability of many businesses. I’m inspired to see dog walkers lift one another up, offer ideas about how to navigate this situation, and continune to shine light through posts of the dogs still in their care. TinyHorse wants to participate in this resilience. We have temporarily increased our industry discount from 20% to 30%.

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Kiss & Pack Up: Valentine's Sale

There's no bones about it: in this industry you must love dogs! That's why starting this Valentine's day until Feb 17th, 2020 we're celebrating how big your heart is to accommodate all them canines. We're launching a new colour combo, Kiss & Pack Up, that blends four shades of fur with the cartoon hues of kissy lips. Pucker up! For the duration of the sale we're bumping up the industry discount to 25% on all the products in on our colour combo series. And shipping will be just $10 in North America! We’re also tossing in a surprise Valentine’s Day gift with every purchase. ❤️  We've also teamed up with Toronto artist (and former Vancouver dog walker!) Shauna Eve to...

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The Handler: A New Possibility

      In TinyHorse launched in May 2017 with a single product: the Lead-All leash system. These are the leashes that join a pack of dogs to one central point. The human handler then clips a lead onto the ring to set the pace and guide the pack. At the time of our launch, we suggested walkers could use any old leash to clip onto the ring. You can still use any leash to guide your pack. But in the years since the launch, TinyHorse has designed a unique line of leads that amplify the possibilities of our leash system beyond any other leash on the market. Our leads characteristically have extra handles and hardware, and they are shorter...

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