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The Two Fidelities: Dogs as Symbols of Human Experience

At TinyHorse, providing leads and leashes to dog professionals and owners is a meaningful act. This article looks to historical artworks to explore how much dogs (and the leashes they are attached to) can say about their human handlers.

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Our First Friends: The Co-evolution of Dogs and Humans

The concept of a dog leash is documented as far back as over 8,000 years ago, and our partnership with dogs survives in 30,000-year-old archeological evidence.┬áThe process of domestication continues to evolve and thrive today, and TinyHorse is a company creating solutions for the rising phenomena of todayÔÇÖs relationships between humans and dogs. In 2021,┬áTaylor from TinyHorse will delve into the unique┬áhistory of dogs and┬áhumans and relate it to our contemporary┬áexperiences.

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